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How we work with you

We enjoy working closely with our customers to provide solutions to meet their needs. In our dynamic business environment, this has lead to the development of new software, such as the Issues Manager, Incident Manager, Audit and Compliance Managers, and increased adaptability of our risk management software to reflect changing business needs.

Incom's cutting edge tools and independent research is helping over 100 organisations. Your industry knowledge and our software expertise is the best combination to reduce your risks.

Foster a culture of risk management in your business
Our products will help your managers identify and manage risks at all levels, from individual business units to those strategic risks affecting the whole business. This reinforces a culture of risk management at all levels of your business.

When incidents happen
In addition to risk management, we also offer your business a means of recording and managing incidents and issues. Incidents are risks that have been realised, and issues are things that need to be dealt with, often quickly, but where the actions need assignment and tracking.  These systems greatly enhance your ability to effectively manage your business.

Training and support
We offer training to ensure you understand the system and that your company is getting the optimal benefits of the system it is employing. Our software is user friendly.  It is easy to use, fast to implement and assistance is a phone call away. We offer highly responsive customer service and technical support.
The web-enabled enterprise-level programs are translatable into any international language, and the Risk Manager has already been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Thai and Estonian.

Risk Manager is being used in health services, emergency services, police services, local government, federal government, engineering, aerospace, manufacturing, mining and exploration, construction, insurance, financial, major sporting clubs and events, fire protection, universities and by audit, OH&S, project and IT departments.