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International Opportunities

Incom seeks National Distributors for each class of software that Incom produces, so as to better distribute the software to places where it is needed.

The classes of software are:

  • Risk Management, including support for ISO 31000, Incident Management, Control Self-Assessment and Compliance
  • Action Management, including support for Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPA), quality, audit, risk and issue management to ISO 9000/14000/31000
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility Management (ISO 26000), Environmental Management (ISO 14000), and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

This means Incom is the manufacturer of the software, while other organizations deal direct with clients. The software may be translated into any language, and has already been translated into Spanish, German, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Thai and Estonian.

Distributors may market the software under Incom's logos, or white label it under their own brand. Supplied with a web-services interface, it may be fully integrated with the distributor's own software. Source code is available by agreement.

We will consider enquiries from all countries for all classes of software, but see great opportunities in North America, Europe and Asia. Here are some specific opportunities:

  • USA distributor of Risk Management products
  • UK distributor of Risk Management products
  • Canada distributor of Risk Management products
  • China distributor of Risk Management products
  • Global or Sector distributor of CAPA Action Manager product
  • Global or Sector distributor of Sustainability / Social Responsibility products

Distributors do not need high levels of IT expertise, and may be professional consulting companies because Incom will manage and support all IT issues.