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Compliance and Audit


INCOM® adds Compliance and Audit Modules

For immediate release – June 1, 2010

Incom®, supplier of the world’s leading fully translatable risk management software system, has announced the addition of two new software modules.

The two modules are Compliance and Audit.  Although Incom risk management software has always supported compliance and auditing, these two areas have been enhanced to provide more functionality to support any major organization.


Compliance Manager has expanded on the existing functionality in Incom’s software to provide a hierarchy of Standards, Obligations, Actions and Inspections.  This new modules allows organizations to document their obligations, what actions they intend to take to comply with those obligations, and document the results of those actions by way of historical inspections.  This module is linked back to Incom’s powerful Notification Manager so that compliance actions due and overdue are monitored and escalated if need be.


Audit Manager is the latest addition to Incom’s range of risk management software.  Supporting ISO 31000, ISO 9000, COSO, ISO 27000, AS 3806 and other risk, auditing and compliance standards, Audit Manager is the very latest system for risk-based auditing.  Audit Manager helps you plan an audit’s scope and schedule, import risks from the risk register, add additional risks, controls and tests, allocate resources, and track audits using a powerful Audit Worksheet that exceeds industry norms.

Incom CEO David Watson said today,”Because Incom’s software is now used in so many industries and not only for proactive risk management but for reactive incident management, it was time to augment the software with more compliance and auditing capability.

“Companies want to purchase the full range of software from one supplier to manage risks, incidents, issues, assessments, compliance and audits, and Incom is now able to provide all the modules required for today’s uncertain World”.

Mr. Watson said many organisations are still trying to manage audits with spreadsheets and in so doing, do not have a good overall view of their risk exposure and may be piling up reputation risk, financial risk, legal risk and more.

Incom helps customers move from spreadsheet risk management to web-enabled database driven risk management in the shortest time and lowest cost by providing powerful tools that are simple to install, configure, train and use.

For further information please contact:

David Watson

CEO Incom


About Incom

Incom ( provides risk, incident and issue management solutions for diverse industries and has built its reputation on customer satisfaction, investment in product development and teamwork.  Incom customers include health services, emergency services, police services, local government, state government, federal government, engineering, telecoms, energy, manufacturing, mining and exploration, property and construction, financial, sporting clubs, major events, not-for-profit, universities, and by security, project office, and IT departments.  It has more than 150 installations around the world including in Australia, North America, Europe, Asia/Pacific, South America and Africa.