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The following demonstrations are available ...

Risk Manager - the multi-user web-enabled Enterprise range of software needs to be installed on an enterprise  production Server by your corporate IT support personnel. It is ideal for medium to larger companies and government agencies with many system users, and is flexible because you can start with a 10-user pilot and end up with any number of users.  ... request demo ...

Incident Manager - this multi-user web-enabled software simplifies the task of recording and managing incidents.  This software helps you keep track of workplace injuries and other incidents and their potential loss, their causes, mitigation actions (controls and treatments) and their costs. The key benefit of the software is that it offers a fast evaluation of the most serious incidents.  It offers the user a system to record and manage actions to reduce the likelihood of such an event re-occurring.  ... request demo ...

 If you are interested in any other Incom software package, or not sure which one would be best for you, please go to our main Contact page and describe your requirements.

We have a comprehensive of risk information in our Risk Repository. If you become one of our clients you can ask for any of the information listed below to be imported to your database before or after delivery of your system.

Our main Incom Risk Repository contains traditional risks encountered by businesses

  • 680 example business risks categorized within 48 risk types
  • 130 example information security risks categorized within 11 risk types
  • 170 example workplace risks categorized within 19 risk types
  • 100 example climate change risks and opportunities categorized within 7 risk types
  • 130 example clinical risks categorized within 10 risk types

Our National Risk Repository lists either emerging risks or risks at national level

  • 95 country level risks within 9 categories (for national governments)
  • 50 disaster risks within 4 categories (to assist with Disaster Risk Reduction - DRR)
  • 230 social responsibility risks and issues within 6 categories (for major organizations and government)
  • 100 sustainability risks and issues within 6 categories (for major organizations and government)
  • 145 national banking risks within 7 categories (for major organizations and government)
  • 100 sustainability risks and issues within 6 categories (for major organizations and government)

Contact us if you require a login to any of this information.