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Industries and Customers


Incom's Enterprise Risk Manager™ is based on a simple proven approach to risk reduction, supporting the ISO 31000 risk management standard and other standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 14000 and COSO.  ISO 31000 is a generic standard that help you manage risks of any type, and so does Enterprise Risk Manager™ - the evidence being the vast range of industries and clients that we service.

Energy, Oil and Gas
Metals and Mining
Public / Private Companies
Government Agencies
Sporting Clubs
Not for Profit
IT and InfoSec to ISO 27000
Sustainable Development
Climate Change

We have over 150 installations world wide - Australia - USA - Canada - Europe - Asia/Pacific - Africa - South America.

Incom customers range from individual risk management consultants and small companies right up the scale to major public companies and the New South Wales Clinical Excellence Commission, Queensland Police, the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, the Melbourne Cricket Club, the Council of the City of Sydney, the West Australia Department of Attorney General, and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.