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Climate Change Risks and Opportunities


Free Climate Change Risk Templates.

Apart from the normal operational risks there are the strategic risks, and an increasing number of non traditional strategic risks.

Layered on top of traditional business risks are the dramatic effects of climate change, level of demand for resources from China, and carbon trading issues.

There are the direct and indirect impacts of climate change on many industries caused by extreme natural hazards and tightening environmental regulation.  Recent heavy flooding of mines in Australia caused major miners to declare ‘force majeure’ as they tried to meet their delivery obligations.  Without access to sites, contractors are affected likewise and this must be covered in contract terms and conditions.

International demand for resources has resulted in wildly fluctuating foreign exchange rates, increasing transport fuel costs, shortage of skilled workers, failure of resources diplomacy at national levels, export embargoes and mining contractor capacity.  These are all risks that need to be evaluated, costed, and planned for.

Carbon change consultants say the heavy carbon emitters and power users, including mining companies, will be required to measure and report their carbon footprint.  Furthermore, to meet their obligations carbon emitters may trade permits, use sequestration, or emit less carbon by process improvement.  The risks and costs of different options will vary widely requiring each company to improve their cost-benefit analysis skills, and in fact adopt a cost-risk-benefit approach.

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