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Three Levels of Government


Local Government - The City of Sydney (Australia)

Via competitive tender, Incom won the role for providing a risk management solution for the Council of the City of Sydney.  The Risk Coordinator found Incom’s product to be very easy to use and particularly easy to train business users.  Having enhanced the off the shelf product to suit the Council’s specific needs, working closely with the customer, Incom has upgraded the product as new developments occur and as the Council’s requirements have changed. 

Having trained up to 60 people in using the product, the Risk Coordinator says no one has had an issue with the product – rather it is in understanding the concepts of risk management that issues occur.  The ability to rename any data field label within the software to align with Council’s terminology has also been a great asset for the City.. 

“Incom’s responses to our needs have been within 24 hours and whatever we have required has been fixed as quickly” said the Risk Coordinator.

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State Government - The Department of Attorney General (Australia)

The security section of the Department of Attorney General, Western Australia, needed a system to manage operational and tactical risks.  The department as a whole already had in place a system for strategic risk – but this was expensive and cumbersome.

The customer found Incom’s Risk Register solution easy to use and functional.  They find the mechanism for reporting on security risk for the executive very easy to manage and very easy for the executive to understand.  The system as a whole is specific and flexible.  It enables a clear view of the potential risk factors at any one time, and in virtual real time.  Overall Incom’s Risk Register is relevant, inexpensive and easy to use. 

“Overall Incom’s Risk Register is relevant, inexpensive and easy to use” the spokesman concluded.

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Federal Government - Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (Australia)

The managers responsible for the 2007 APEC meetings throughout Australia found that whilst project management software is essential for such a large series of events, it generally does not include the ability to track risks and their various impacts.  Unlike a standard project management approach, Incom’s risk management system allowed the Taskforce to assign consequence and probability ratings to their different types of risk, prior to the event deadline. 

Incom’s systems enabled key managers throughout the organisation to understand their individual risk appetites, compare them with others, and then track, evaluate and mitigate the risks for the organisation as a whole. 

By accessing the program via the organisation’s intranet, individuals entered their own updates and managed their own risks.  Being web based, the Incom application provided a visually simple central repository of information for the entire organisation which made it easy for senior management to track risk in terms they could understand and relate to.  As well as providing easily understood matrices and pie charts, Incom’s system also recorded all entries so that an historical view of risk mitigation progress could be readily achieved. 

For such a large organisation with a schedule driven outcome, Incom’s system allowed risk to be measured and evaluated.  It was selected by APEC Technology Branch as being one of the simplest effective systems seen to date. 

“Importantly, Incom’s Risk Management systems provided the Taskforce a view of our entire risk profile, and helped managers understand their risks and the priority of treatments required to mitigate these risks”

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