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What's new?

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Nufarm Compliance Assurance

Nufarm Limited is one of the world's leading crop protection and specialist seeds companies. The company holds more than 2,000 product registrations, and markets products in more than 100 countries around the world.

Nufarm is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and has numerous legal entities around the World where Nufarm require financial controllers and managers to attest that they have met Nufarm's strict requirements for accounting, financial reporting, internal control, fraud and corruption, regulatory and policy compliance.

Nufarm legal entities use the Incom Compliance Assurance software to respond to questionnaires online so that head office staff have a clear and up-to-date view of any such risks Worldwide.

World map of ISO 31000 adoption

Countries having adopted ISO 31000

International Clients

Incom's reputation as a reliable supplier of advanced risk management software has travelled far and wide.

Here is a sample of Incom's International clients: 

  • Bank of Uganda
  • National Bank of Vanuatu
  • Eesti Energia (Estonia)
  • Gerdau Açominas (Brazil)
  • Servision (Colombia)
  • Almarai Dairy (Saudi Arabia)
  • Thai Post
  • Maine Public Broadcasting, Progress Energy, Heartlend Alliance (USA)
  • Nufarm, GWF, MSC, PMP, City of Sydney, and dozens more in Australia
  • ... and more ...

The software may be translated into any language, and has already been translated into Spanish, German, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Thai and Estonian.

International Opportunities

Incom has decided to appoint National Distributors for each class of software that Incom produces, so as to better distribute the software to places where it is needed.

The classes of software are:

  • Risk Management, including support for ISO 31000, Incident Management, Control Self-Assessment and Compliance
  • Action Management, including support for Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPA), quality, audit, risk and issue management to ISO 9000/14000/31000
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility Management (ISO 26000), Environmental Management (ISO 14000), and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

This means that Incom will act as the manufacturer of the software, while other organizations deal direct with clients.  The software may be translated into any language, and has already been translated into Spanish, German, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Thai and Estonian.

Distributors may market the software under Incom's logos, or white label it under their own brand.  Supplied with a web-services interface, it may be fully integrated with the distributors own software.  Source code is available by agreement.

We will consider enquiries from all countries for all classes of software, but see great opportunities in North America, Europe and Asia.  Here are some specific opportunities:

  • USA distributor of Risk Management products
  • UK distributor of Risk Management products
  • Canada distributor of Risk Management products
  • China distributor of Risk Management products
  • Global or Sector distributor of CAPA Action Manager product
  • Global or Sector distributor of Sustainability / Social Responsibility products

Distributors do not need high levels of IT expertise, and may be professional consulting companies because Incom will manage and support all IT issues.

Corporate Agility

"Business is complex and dynamic, and requires agility to stay competitive. Market leadership requires the organization be quick to respond to changing conditions – to pause means loss. Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) processes often work against business agility. Requirements and initiatives managed across numerous silos, using manual or varying technology approaches, burden the business. The lack of a common process and technology architecture comes at a significant management cost.", Michael Rasmussen. 

Only at Incom will you find all the following software ...

  • Risk and Issue Management
  • Incident and Claim Management
  • Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability
  • Compliance and Audit
  • Control Self Assessment

So what are you waiting for?

Join Incom today and enjoy all the benefits our software offers!


If you want your own custom-built risk management system, or you want to add a risk management module to your existing application, then consider Incom’s risk management systems.  Incom is the developer’s developer of risk management software.

Our cutting edge tools and independent research means we are able to supply embedded systems that integrate with your existing systems.

Package suppliers may configure for any number of users, and user numbers may be added as customers deploy systems enterprise-wide.

The system is a web-enabled multi-user Microsoft .NET application using SQL Server relational database supporting hundreds of decision makers across the enterprise. It includes Microsoft Windows single sign-on authentication, role based security for risk management in context, Internationalization, and translatability to any other natural (human) language.

The options depend on your requirements:

  • Software package suppliers can now easily add risk management to their solutions

  • Government agencies can now easily integrate risk management with legacy systems

  • Companies may easily integrate operational risk management with existing SOX, COSO or ISO systems

  • Insurance Brokers who don’t have a software team, can now private label a risk management system

Contact David Watson for details.

Sustainable Development

Take this link to read about Incom's Sustainable Development software.

Climate Change

Take this link to read about Incom's Climate Change software.

Case Studies and Testimonials

To read about our products in practice, please go to case studies and testimonials

Mining and Energy Sectors

The following list of mining, energy and heavy industry customers demonstrates the popularity of Incom software globally in places where people often have to self-train on the system.  The software is very easy to use.

Ok Tedi Mining (Papua New Guinea)
Monash Energy (Australia)
ERM Power (Australia)
Queensland Motorways (Australia)
Australian Railroad Group (WA, Australia)
Gerdau Açominas (Brasil)
Eesti Energia Power (Estonia)
ARC Energy (Australia)
ROC Oil (Australia) 
Reliance Petroleum (Australia)
AESO Canada (Australia)
KIC Oil (Malaysia)

APEC 2007

In 2005, the Australian Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, APEC 2007 Taskforce purchased an Incom Enterprise Risk Register to help plan for and manage the business and security risks related to APEC meetings in Australia during 2007.

Contact Incom for major event risk management systems.

January 2007 - International Sales

Because Enterprise Risk Register is translatable into any non-English language (it has already been translated into Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Thai and Estonian), many International customers have purchased Incom's Enterprise Risk Register.

July 2006 - Queensland GITC 

Following from Incom being endorsed by the QITC, Queensland Police QPRIME Project purchased Incom's Enterprise Risk Register and Enterprise Issue Register.  Furthermore Queensland Transport has purchased a number of RiskEasy systems for specific projects.

Business Case Template

As it is quite new for Risk Management departments to request substantial technology funding to support RM activities, we have developed a Cost-Benefit spreadsheet and Business Case template that we provide free of charge.  Please contact us if you would like copies of these templates.