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Global Support

Incom supports over 100 customers throughout the World.  Although most of our customers are either in the USA or Australia, we have many customers in Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, New Zealand and South America.  

Where we have resellers, the reseller acts as first point of contact, otherwise you will get support direct from Incom.  Incom has a reputation for providing prompt response and helpful suggestions.  Join us and see for yourself.

Customer Support Levels

First Point of Contact (FPOC)
– means receiving and logging a support request, transferring responsibility and relevant information to the provider of FLS and communicating the status to the Customer. FPOC may be Incom or an Incom Reseller.

First Line Support (FLS)
– means assisting to (i) identify the cause of the support issue; (ii) provide an available patch or other existing solution, or (iii) escalate the issue to the SLS.  FLS may be provided by Incom Help Desk or an Incom Reseller.

Second Line Support (SLS) 
– means assisting to (i) characterise and analyse support issues, and (ii) clarify functions, features and operation of the supported Software.  SLS is normally provided by Incom Technical Support.

Third Line Support (TLS)
- means (i) in depth analysis and documentation of the support issue, (ii) replication of it on a test system and (iii) a documented case resolution path, and (iv) resolution through a workaround or product reengineering.  TLS is normally provided by Incom Software Engineers.

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