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Compliance Asssurance - ISO 19600


Compliance Manager is an important tool in Incom's risk management software.
Supporting ISO 19600 and any industry or national standard, Compliance Manager is the system for managing compliance obligations and associated controls.  Compliance Manager helps you manage a compliance program using a powerful company-wide web-enabled user interface that exceeds industry norms.

Compliance Obligations

Document compliance requirements to laws, regulations and codes of practice, contractual terms and conditions, operational procedures and internal standards.  Compliance may be managed at the process, product, system, and entity-levels.

Controls and Actions

You may set up any number of controls for each obligation to prevent non-compliance, or set up new corrective actions so that non-compliance does not happen again.  Any non-compliance may be documented.

Notification Manager

Incom's Notification Manager will alert responsible parties of upcoming obligation dates, due dates for any recurring control, and due dates for any corrective action.  If action is not taken by the required time Notification Manager will start escalating the item.

More Responsive Corrections

Suggestions by your team often take a while to be actioned by business units, but because Compliance Manager is an integrated module in the Incom system action owners get alerts for action due and have clear online visibility.

Management Review

Compliance is essential in the execution of good business management and provides a detailed review of each area, allowing you to be confident that you are not breaching laws and regulations and conducting business as planned.  Apart from process compliance, the system may also be used for validating product and system compliance.

Reporting - what's due and done

Comprehensive reporting via the Report Wizard produces standard and ad-hoc reports:

  • Compliance Standards and Obligations
  • Compliance Controls and Corrective Actions
  • Compliance Alerts and Compliance Calendar

Typical compliance activities supported

  • Compliance with laws and regulations and
    with changes to laws and regulations
  • Compliance with standards, codes, industry
    best practice or internal standards
  • Compliance with product, system, permit,
    licence or client contract specifications
  • Compliance with treaties, conventions and
    foreign laws if having global operations
  • Compliance with accounting standards and
    stock exchange listing requirements
  • Occupational health and safety including
    the OHS of offshore suppliers’ employees
  • Environmental and information security laws
    including supply chain partners

Typical Drivers or Criteria

  • External Laws & Regulation
  • External Standards & Codes
  • Internal Policies & Procedures 

Compliance Steps

  • Setup Standards
  • Setup Obligations within Standards
  • Setup Controls to meet Obligations
  • Run Compliance alert reports/calendars
  • Inspect controls as planned and assess
  • Raise corrective actions if required
  • Compliance Report to Management