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Consulting and Training


Incom consultants are available for the following assignments:

  • Review of risks already in a client database
  • Identify risks that have not yet been recorded, new sources of risk and risk types
  • Importing risks from Incom Risk Dictionaries
  • Importing risks from client spreadsheets and other documents
  • Review of the effective use of the risk management system
  • Training new users, or training review of existing users
  • Training users and system administrators in new functionality added since the initial training

Typical assignments may be to review how the system is being used, and recommendations for system improvement, including:

  • More effective use of reports
  • More effective use of reference data
  • More effective use of Role Based Security and permissions management
  • Activation of Notification Manager
  • How Custom Forms may be setup for specific Risk Types
  • Better ways to manage Existing Controls and new Treatments
  • How to use Likelihood and Consequence Factors to achieve better ratings
  • How to use advanced functionality such as Scenario Analysis
  • How to manage opportunities as well as risks

You don’t need an Incom system to benefit from this special, 1-day ARM training which takes you further than ISO 31000, and covers these advanced concepts:

  • Full explanation of Inherent Risk, Assessed Risk, Residual Risk and Target Residual
  • Enterprise Rating to normalize across business units
  • Risk Types vs. Area/Asset at Risk concepts
  • Strategic vs. Operational vs. OH&S/HSE risks
  • Incident Management, Risk Linking and Risk Stapling
  • Notification Management – Alerts vs. Escalations
  • Controls vs. Treatments and Recurring Actions
  • Automated Risk Templates for Business Unit Assessment
  • Compliance and Control Self Assessment Questionnaires
  • Likelihood and Consequence Factors
  • Risk Dictionaries
  • Cost Benefit Analysis

The ARM training will give you the opportunity to work through examples of strategic, operational and workplace safety risks.  ARM training requires a minimum group of four persons per day.  Please contact Incom for more details.