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Project Risk Manager


Project risk management is more than time, cost and deliverables.

As you know time and cost may be managed in software like Microsoft Project, Primavera, etc.  It is not as easy to manage deliverables and other issues in such software.  Consider quality and project management for instance:

  • Failure to clearly understand client’s requirements
  • Failure to properly transfer requirements into a viable and reliable design
  • Failure to adequately resource the project and manage those resources
  • Failure to commercially manage client’s change requests and adjust schedules
  • Failure of client to provide inputs (resources or technology) as per the contract
  • Failure of the client to provide user acceptance testing
  • Loss of access to project premises, or loss of communications at site
  • Loss of staff or project manager

And there many more with IT projects such as: poor system sizing, failure of system interfaces, loss of, or contamination of client records during system switch-over.

For some IT projects, the project itself is to manage information or cyber security risks, and this is where Incom can help you with rapid start-up.  We have standard lists of risks to ISO 27001, NIST and PCI standards.

Risks vs. Issues

Risks are things that might happen (maybe more than once during the life of the project), and are normally managed by the Project Manager.

Issues are things that have happened or are about to happen, so the concept of “likelihood” is irrelevant; they need to be dealt with in a timely manner.  

Issues are not really risks; but your risk management system needs the tools to manage action items related to issues.

Likewise, if your project will be audited after completion, your risk management system needs the tools to manage action items related to audit findings.

With an Incom Project Risk Manager you get these things:

  • A Risk Manager to ISO 31000
  • An Issue Manager
  • An Audit Manager
  • Any number of users from 5 upwards
  • Any delivery method - in-House or in-Cloud
  • Cloud systems up and running in 24 hours
  • Cost-effective, easy to learn, easy to use

It is the most powerful risk management system available today, and the one system will help you manage any number and type of risks and mitigation actions.