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Telstra and Bank of Uganda



Telstra and Bank of Uganda select Incom Risk Manager

For immediate release: Sydney, Australia – July, 2010 

Incom®, supplier of the world’s leading fully translatable risk management software system, has announced the addition of two new clients to their valued client list.

Telstra, Australia

In mid-2010, Telstra Network Services purchased an Incom Risk Manager system. Although the Incom system may be used for any type of risk, Telstra will use the Risk Manager mainly for Information Security risks, and to address ISO 27001 requirements.

Telstra is Australia's leading telecommunications and information services company.  Telstra's telecommunications services provide vast geographical coverage through both fixed and mobile network infrastructure - servicing many millions of Australian customers. 

In 2011-12 Telstra:

  • Generated total revenue of $25.4 billion, $5.2 billion of free cash flow and paid $3.5 billion in dividends to shareholders.
  • Handled 3.0 billion local calls, 4.7 billion national long distance minutes, 12 billion text messages and more than 16 billion mobile voice minutes
  • Provided 8.1 million fixed line and 13.8 million mobile services, including wholesale services
  • Operated and maintained more than 11,000 telephone exchanges

Telstra's network and systems infrastructure underpins the carriage and termination of the majority of Australia's domestic and international voice and data telephony traffic.

  • The Next G network is Australia's largest and fastest national mobile broadband network, covering more than 99% of the population.
  • The Next IP network is one of the largest national IP networks in the world and supports all of Telstra's networks, services and products, including the Next G, HFC and ADSL networks.

Incom helped Telstra move quickly to multi-user web-enabled database driven risk management in the shortest time and lowest cost by using powerful tools that were simple to install, configure, learn and use.

Central Bank of Uganda

In July 2010 the Central Bank of Uganda purchased an Incom Risk Manager and an Incom Incident Manager.

These systems were purchased so that the Central Bank could enhance their proactive efforts in reducing corporate and operational risks, and better managing incidents if and when they do happen.

The Bank of Uganda conducts all its activities with the aim of fulfing its Mission.  These activities are carried out under the mandate of the Bank of Uganda Act, 2000 and other legislature.

The Bank's core activities are:

  • Issuance of Uganda's national currency/legal tender, the Uganda Shilling (UGX)
  • Regulation of money supply through Monetary Policy
  • Banker to the Government of Uganda
  • Banker to Commercial Banks
  • Supervision and regulation of Financial Institutions
  • Management of the country's external/foreign reserves
  • Management of Uganda's external debt
  • Adviser of Government on financial and economic issues

The Bank also has responsibility to the public and this is fulfilled through its Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

Incom helped the Bank of Uganda move quickly to multi-user web-enabled database driven enterprise risk management in the shortest time and lowest cost by using powerful tools that were simple to install, configure, learn and use



For further information please contact:

David Watson

CEO Incom



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